CCNA Guide to Cisco Networking – Session 5 , Dr.Hahamdar


CCNA Guide to Cisco Networking, Third Edition Chapter 5 Solutions

Chapter 5 Solutions

Review Questions

1. Which of the following WAN services operates over existing telephone lines to provide voice and data communications?


b. Frame Relay


d. ATM

2. Which of the following is true about Frame Relay communication? (Choose all that apply.)

a. Provides faster communications over WAN links than X.25

b. Is slightly less efficient than X.25

c. Uses highly reliable digital facilities

d. Provides host-to-router and router-to-router communications

3. Which of the following is the provider’s end of the WAN link?

a. DTE

b. Computer

c. DCE

d. Dumb terminal

4. Which two devices would be considered part of the Physical layer for WAN equipment?

a. Routers and hubs

b. DTE and DCE

c. Gateways and hubs

d. Hubs and switches

5. Which of the following connection types can PPP support? (Choose all that apply.)

a. Router-to-router

b. Host-to-router

c. Host-to-host

d. Asynchronous

e. Synchronous

6. Which of the following can HDLC support? (Choose all that apply.)

a. Point-to-point


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