CCNA Guide to Cisco Networking – Session 6 , Dr.Hahamdar


CCNA Guide to Cisco Networking, Third Edition Chapter 6 Solutions

Chapter 6 Solutions

Review Questions

1. From which of the following prompts can you change the enable secret password?

a. router(config)#

b. router#

c. router>

d. router(config)>

2. If you type “show ?” at the router> prompt, what is the result of the command?

a. You will see a list of usable show commands at the user mode prompt.

b. You will see a list of connected users.

c. You will see the current mode displayed.

d. You will see the configuration register settings.

3. If you need to abort a command in the middle of execution, which key sequence will you press simultaneously?

a. Ctrl+Esc

b. Ctrl+X

c. Ctrl+Shift+6

d. Ctrl+Alt+Del

4. Which of the following commands will allow you to type a banner for your router?

a. router(config-if)# banner message $

b. router(config)# banner motd @

c. router(config)# banner msg #

d. router# banner config !

e. router# banner motd #

5. By default, which of the router’s components stores configuration files set up by the administrator?

a. ROM

b. Flash

c. IOS


6. If you are in global configuration mode, which router prompt will you see?

a. global#

b. router(config)#

c. router(config-if)#

d. router#

e. router


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