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CCNA Guide to Cisco Networking, Third Edition Chapter 7 Solutions

Chapter 7 Solutions

Review Questions

1. If you want to see the hexadecimal boot setting for the configuration register, which command would you use? (Choose all that apply.)

a. router> sh int

b. router> sh ver

c. router#sh ver

d. router#sh int

2. When the trace command is used, multiple packets are sent to a remote destination with:

a. Progressively higher TTL values until a packet reaches the destination

b. Progressively lower TTL values until a packet is returned from the destination

c. Progressively smaller hop counts

d. Full routing tables

3. If you want to configure the values that ping uses and have access to extended mode ping options, which of the following represents the appropriate prompt and the command you would type before pressing the Return key?

a. router#ping

b. router#ping ex md

c. router#ping motd

d. router> ping

e. router#ping –e


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