CCNA Guide to Cisco Networking – Session 8 , Dr.Hahamdar


CCNA Guide to Cisco Networking, Third Edition Chapter 8 Solutions

Chapter 8 Solutions

Review Questions

1. Which of the following commands is necessary to add IGRP to a router? (Choose all that apply.)

a. router rip

b. router igrp [autonomous system #]

c. network [major network #]

d. router network igrp

2. What is the administrative distance of RIP?

a. 100

b. 110

c. 120

d. 90

3. Link-state routing protocols __________. (Choose all that apply.)

a. use link-state advertisements to notify routers of route changes

b. send routing tables to neighbors

c. reach convergence faster than distance-vector routing protocols

d. determine the best path via the hop count algorithm

4. RIP has a maximum hop count of __________.


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