Common Shortcut Keys for Microsoft Windows Keyboards

Windows logo key or CTRL+ESCOpens the Start menu
CTRL+ALT+DELETEOpens the Windows Close Program or NT Security dialog box
DELETEDeletes the selected item(s).
SHIFT+DELETEDelete the selected items permanently (without moving them to the Recycle Bin)
CTRL+EscapeOpens Start Menu
CTRL+NOpens a new web page or file.
CTRL+OOpens the open web page or file dialog box
CTRL+POpens the Print dialog box.
CTRL+SOpens the Save dialog box.
CTRL+XCuts the selected item(s) to the Clipboard.
CTRL+C  or  CTRL+INSERTCopies the selected item(s) to the Clipboard.
CTRL+V  or  SHIFT+INSERTPastes the copied items(s) from the Clipboard.
CTRL+Z  or  ALT+BACKSPACEUndoes the last action if possible.
CTRL+ShiftDo this while dragging a file to create a shortcut
ALT+SHIFT+BACKSPACERedoes the previously undone action.
Windows logo keyOpens Start Menu
Windows logo key+MMinimizes all open windows.
Windows logo key+SHIFT+MExpands windows minimized with above command.
Windows logo key+EOpens Windows Explorer.
Windows logo key+FOpens the Find All Files dialog box.
Windows logo key+ROpens the Run dialog box.
Windows logo key+BREAKOpens the System Properties dialog box.
Windows logo key+CTRL+FOpens the Find Computer dialog box.
SPACEBARSame as Left Mouse Click
SHIFT+F10Same as Right Mouse Click
SHIFT while inserting CDROMSuppresses Autoplay
SHIFT while loading Microsoft WordSuppresses the AutoExec macro.
F1Displays help information
F2Rename a selected item.
F3Opens the Find All Files dialog box.
F4Opens the drop-down list box on the toolbar, if there is one.
F5Refreshes the current window.
F6Switch Panes in Explorer
F10Activates Windows Menu Bar
ALT+F4Closes the current window.
ALT+F6Switch between multiple windows in the same program
ALT+ENTERDisplays properties for the selected item.
ALT+TABSwitches between application windows.
ALT+ underlined first letter in menuOpens the Indicated Menu Item
PRINT SCREENCopies an image of the screen to the Windows Clipboard.
ALT+PRINT SCREENCopies an image of the active window to the Windows Clipboard.
* (Asterisk on the right side numeric keypad)Expands everything under the current selection.
– (MINUS SIGN on the right side numeric keypad)Closes everything under the current selection.

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